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🎉 Lucky Dips! 🎉

£10.00 / On Sale

Do you like surprises?
Do you like bargains?
Then say hello to Leslieanne Made It Lucky Dips!

Each lucky dip contains a bundle of lovely surprises chosen at random from a mixture of current & discontinued designs, at a bargain basement price.
(Please note: unless stated, these are NOT seconds! They're just mystery bargains!)

These are a great way to stock up on emergency gifts, nice things to send to your buddies, or just a fun treat for yourself! (You're worth it!)

Each one is packed full of mystery & fun at a bargain basement price! Make your choices from the drop-down menu & start looking forward to the fun!

More details:

Just Pins: includes FOUR different hard enamel pins, chosen at random for just £10! (These include a mixture of current & retired designs - they're not seconds, you're getting 4 pins that are usually worth £28 for less than half price!)

Stickers & Postcards: includes FIFTY stickers in 10 designs - made up of 8 mini sheets of 6 and 2 single 60mm stickers, plus TEN different C6 postcards, all packaged in a colourful envelope for £10

Not Quite Perfect Blind Bags: these ones ARE seconds, ie. pins with tiny imperfections that are still lovely additions to any non-perfectionist's collection. Usually, I sell my NQP pins at £3 each, in this blind bag you get TEN different pins for £10 - bargain-o-rama!

Please note: while each bundle includes all different designs, if you buy more than one of any bundle, you may receive duplicates.
(And if you bought a Black Friday Lucky Dip, you may receive some of the same designs too!)
Also, please remember items are sent randomly, from a selection of current and old stock, which will include seasonal and discontinued designs.

The photos in this listing are to give you examples of what you might receive, but as these are lucky dips, please please don't ask for specific designs to be included in your bundle - the randomness is part of the fun!