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Leslieanne Info

Hello! I'm Leslieanne; maker of colourful things & drinker of too much coffee; mostly powered by sunshine, daydreams & happy thoughts.

I'm commonly found on the (sometimes) sunny South Coast of England; and when I'm not up to my eyes in creative projects I'm usually hanging out with my tall & short & furry favourites and/or procrastinating on Instagram.

I'm a one woman show; everything you'll find here is made and/or designed by me. I'm a great believer that the world needs more happiness and more kindness. That's why I love making cheerful, colourful things inspred by things that make me smile, with the intention of making other people smile too.

I get inspired by nature (I love flowers, clouds, the sea & I'm a big fan of all creatures great and small), retro & vintage patterns (I'm crazy about colour), kitschy paraphanalia and life in general really.

All of my products are made with massive helpings of positivity and cheer; and I put a lot of effort into each package I send out so that the person receiving it feels extra special.

As well as all that; I take a lot of photos, I write a blog (sporadically), I love adventures, talking nonsense, cake and naps. Oh and I daydream. Lots.

If you want to keep up with my adventures, you can read my blog, have a peek at my photos on Instagram, like me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, or check out things I like on Pinterest.

Oh the choices!