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Critter Button Badges - Crush Comparison!

£1.50 / Sold Out

Just say NO to comparing yourself to a stranger on Instagram, a work colleague, your best friend... anyone!
You are YOU, and that's brilliant!
In case you need a reminder, here are three little critters bearing words of wisdom to help - choose your favourite from the dropdown menu, or grab the whole gang at a reduced price!

These pretty in pastel metal button badges are 38mm wide, have d-pin style fastenings & are top quality for pinning on your jacket, your bag, or anywhere else you fancy!

They come presented on a colourful backing card, perfect for gifting (or just adding to your own collection, I'm not here to judge! ;)

The designs available are...

Claude (blue jumper, pink background) says: Don't compare your access all areas, behind the scenes footage to someone else's highlight reel.

Clyde (yellow jumper, blue background) says: Instead of worrying about how green someone else's grass is, get busy planting a WHOLE RAINBOW of flowers in your own garden!

& Celia (pink jumper, yellow background) says: Someone else's success is NOT your failure! You are on your own path to good stuff. Keep going.

These little critters are all based on original illustrations and hand lettering by Leslieanne, you can follow their adventures on Instagram with the hashtag #leslieanneslittlecritters

And if you want even more reminders to crush comparison, theses cuties are also available as postcard prints & stickers right here!