Embrace The Chaos! 😀💛

£10.00 - £20.00

...because *sometimes* - chaos is a good thing - especially when it comes in the form of mystery lucky dip surprise treats!
& on this listing, you can decide whether you'd like a little or a lot...

A little chaos: £10 (including UK postage)
...an a6 envelope crammed with as many tiny reminders as I can squeeze in! You'll receive postcards, sticker sheets, pocket reminders AND a special golden sticker sack (which is like a regular sticker lucky dip, but with a few added die-cut designs that are sold out in the shop - oooh!)

A lot of chaos: £20 (including UK postage)
...I will fill a box with at LEAST £40 worth of treats picked at random for you! I'll include at least four different enamel pins & four different washi tapes, plus a whole lot of other fun!
(They'll also be sent naked (🙈) ie. - not in paper bags, to make it easier to squeeze more in 🙂)

Use the dropdown menu to make your choice, then brace yourself for chaotic joy! 🙃

Please note: Due to the chaotic nature of chaos, no two portions will be quite the same! 💛