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💛 Custom Critters! 💛

  • 💛 Custom Critters! 💛
  • 💛 Custom Critters! 💛
  • 💛 Custom Critters! 💛
  • 💛 Custom Critters! 💛
  • 💛 Custom Critters! 💛

***My order book for custom critters is currently closed! ...if you'd like to receive an email when it re-opens, get in touch & let me know! ***

Ever wished you could have one of my little critters holding your OWN message?
Well now you can! 😄🎉

You choose the critter (obviously!) - the background - the colours - whether they're holding a sign or have a speech bubble - and tell them exactly what to say!* 😀
(Alternatively, you can customise an existing critter any way you like by changing the colours/mixing & matching wording - you're in charge!)

The images in this listing are there to inspire you, but you can choose pretty much anything you've liked on my instagram feed too!

Here's how it works:

💛 purchase this listing ☺ (postage is free as this is an entirely digital product.)

💛 wait for an email from me with a quick questionnaire to gather all the details of your dream critter 😀 (you'll receive this within 48 hours of payment - usually less.)

💛 on receipt of your completed questionnaire, I'll get to work on your critter & have a first draft emailed back to you within 36 hours.

💛 you'll then have an opportunity to make changes/tweaks/revisions to make sure you're 100% delighted with your bespoke pal.

💛 once you confirm you're happy with your critter, I'll deliver your finished files by email & you can use them however you like!** 😀🎉

✏ please note! You will receive three hi-res digital files as follows:
- a square jpg measuring 15x15cm (ideal for sharing to instagram!)
- an A4 jpg measuring 210x297mm (ideal for printing - you can also crop/resize as you wish)
- a png version of JUST your critter on a transparent background. (Ideal if you want to make die cut stickers or use in a digital collage!)

Any other questions, don't hesitate to get in touch! 😀

* I do reserve the right to not produce any artwork i feel uncomfortable with - including but not limited to words that are hateful/discriminatory and/or not inkeeping with my values as an artist & person. Should that occur, i will of course refund your purchase in full.
** The files you receive are for personal use only and must NOT be used to produce products for profit without prior written consent from me and/or the purchase of a commercial license.
By purchasing this listing you are agreeing to these terms. Thank you 🙂