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NOVEMBER: Smiley Snail Mail - a Handwritten, Illustrated Letter to Make You Smile!


Do you love the (slightly retro) thrill of receiving good old fashioned post?
(The fun stuff i mean, not bills or bank statements)
Then say hello to Smiley Snail Mail! 😀💌

Once a month, I'm sending illustrated letters in colourful envelopes full of happy thoughts & cheer, out into the world to make people smile! (If you enjoy my Instagram feed, it's a bit like having a chunk of it come straight through your letterbox!)

Inside each envelope is...
- a double sided A4 letter from me, written & illustrated by hand & filled with chatter, doodles, tiny reminders & other happy things!*
- an A6 postcard
- a jumbo (60mm round) sticker
...everything you receive will feature brand new, never before seen illustrations** by yours truly!

PLUS! On post day, you'll also receive an email from me, with an exclusive discount for 20% off everything at Leslieanne Made It, valid until the end of the month you receive it.
(So yes, for as long as you keep receiving Smiley Snail Mail envelopes, technically you need never pay full price for LMI brand treats again! Exciting, right?!)

Each month's envelope has a theme, and although I'm keeping the designs a secret until they're sent, I can reveal that November's letter is about gratitude & counting your blessings... and the envelopes are lilac! 😄💛💛💛

Basically, Smiley Snail Mail is all the fun of having a pen pal without any of the pressure or obligation to write back 🤣
It's an easy little way to treat yourself, brighten up your day, and welcome some extra colour & happy thoughts into your life.

💌 I'm sending the next batch of envelopes out on Monday 5th November
(Numbers are limited though & the last few months have all sold out, so don't leave it too long!)
💌 Envelopes are £5 each and Postage is FREE in the UK, £2 for everywhere else.
(✈ Sorry international pals, airmail is expensive!)
💌 There's absolutely NO obligation to buy an envelope every month, you can pick & choose whenever you'd like some fun to land on your doormat!
(Add yourself to my VIP list if you'd like to know whenever new envelopes are available)

So, if you want to feel like it's your birthday even when it's not, grab yourself a spot on the November mailing list now & start looking forward to the fun! 😄🎉💌

Here's a recap of exactly what you get:
💌 A double sided A4 letter full of chatter, doodles & fun stuff
💌 An A6 postcard, professionally printed on smooth uncoated cardstock
💌 A 60mm round sticker, professionally printed on quality self adhesive paper
💌 All wrapped up in a colourful C6 envelope & delivered to your door!
💌 You'll also receive (via email on post day) an exclusive discount code valid until the end of September.

* the letter will be handwritten & illustrated by me, but then copied onto a double sided sheet of A4 paper to save my hand falling off!

** please note, the photos here are only to give you an idea of what you'll receive, they are NOT the designs you'll actually get, which will be kept secret until they're sent! The designs you receive will all be brand new, and may be available to buy on my site at a later date, but you'll have them before anyone else even sees them - fancy! 😀💛

💌 Any questions?
There's more info on my blog here or feel free to get in touch 💛