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Oops! Not Quite Perfect Pins!

£3.00 / On Sale

* * * Leslieanne Made It is on holiday!
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This listing, as you might have guessed from the title, is for those pins that aren't quite perfect enough to be sold at full price.

They all have tiny defects - maybe a little scuff, maybe a dip in the enamel, maybe a slightly wonky metal line, etc. They're still gorgeous, and if you're not a bit OCD like me, you might not even notice! However, I did, but rather than just ditch what are still perfectly good pins, I'd prefer to sell them to lovely people who like a bargain!

You can read about the individual pins on their own product pages in the enamel pins section of the shop; then choose which 'NQP' (not quite perfect) version you'd like from the dropdown menu.

OR you can choose a mystery lucky dip bag which will include FIVE different NQP pins for £10.
(Please note: you can't request specific pins - that's what makes them mystery bags! However, I can guarantee that all 5 pins you receive will be different!)

Please note:

- These pins DO NOT come on a backing card, they'll be packaged in a small plastic grip bag and tissue paper.

- As these pins are sold as imperfect and at less than half price, they are non returnable. Thank you!