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Oops! Not Quite Perfect Pins!

£3.00 / On Sale

This listing, as you might have guessed from the title, is for those pins that are not quite perfect (NQP) enough to be sold at full price.

They all have tiny flaws - maybe a little scuff, maybe a dip in the enamel, maybe a tiny blemish, maybe a slightly wonky metal line, etc. They're still gorgeous, and if you're not a bit of a perfectionist, you might not even notice! However, I did, but rather than just ditch what are still perfectly good pins, I'd prefer to sell them to lovely people who like a bargain!

You can find more photos & details of each pin on their listings in the enamel pins section of the shop.

The designs currently available as NQP versions are:

Be Kind
Smile Lots
Look For Magic
Do Your Best
Keep Going
Bert the Cheerleader Critter
Leon the You Do You Critter
Holly the Festive Flower Crown Cloud
Autumn Enthusiast Matte Gold Leaf
Happy Thoughts
Lucky Gold Star
Wendy the White Daisy
Candice the Flower Crown Cloud
Sally Sunshine
Roxy Rainbow

There are also a limited number of Lucky Dip Bags available. These include SIX different NQP pins for only £10!
The pins are chosen at random, and include a mixture of currently available designs and older ones which are otherwise sold out.
Lucky Dips are £10 each for 6 pins.
(Please note: you can't request specific pins - that's what makes them lucky dip bags! However, I can guarantee that all 6 pins you receive will be different!)

You can make your perfectly imperfect choice from the dropdown menu :)

Please note:

- These pins DO NOT come on a backing card, they'll be packaged in tissue & a paper bag.
- As these pins are sold as imperfect and at less than half price, they are non returnable. Thank you!