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Leonard the Happy Little Critter - Hard Enamel Pin

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If you follow me on Instagram, you might already be familiar with my happy little critters. If not, they're part of a project I've been working on over there called #100daysofmotivationalcritters, where basically, I've been drawing one a day, everyday for the last few months. Each one has a handwritten sign offering a little bit of positivity and/or words of advice.

Leonard here, is the very first enamel pin version of a critter! (I say first, because if you guys love him, there *may* be more to follow!) He's based on the original illustrations I've been doing, but I decided against the enamel version of Leonard having a handwritten sign, simply because it would make the final pin too big (I like dinky pins - Leonard is approx 25mm at his tallest point); so instead, his message is a little shiny gold heart for you to interperate as you like.

It could be a reminder to love yourself, love your friends and family, love life, or just a general reminder that the world can always do with more love in it!

Whatever the case, he's pretty cute right? Standing 25mm tall, in pretty pastel mint green hard enamel and shiny gold metal, with a yellow rubber clutch on the back to keep him safely pinned wherever you like.

Each pin comes packaged on a coordinating backing card, inside a protective clear bag to keep it in tip top condition on its travels to come and live with you.