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Have a Happy Day Confettilope

£2.50 / Sold Out

Do you love the (slightly retro) thrill of sending actual real, handwritten and dropped in a post box mail? Do you struggle to find the time to write proper letters though? I get that - life is busy and your to do list is relentless, when is there time to put pen to paper?! Enter the Have a Happy Day Confettilope!

What's a confettilope you ask? It's a colourful little portion of happy designed to be sent through the post for a quick burst of cheer to make someone special smile ☺

It's a transparent envelope that weighs in at approximately 11.5x16cm, filled with a piece of thin white card to make it strong enough to survive the post and most importantly, plenty of rainbow coloured confetti to bring maximum cheer! It's glued closed to create a happy little postcard ready for you to write a message on the back and send on its way to your chosen lucky recipient!

Each one is drawn and filled lovingly by hand. No two are ever quite the same; little differences & tiny imperfections should be expected & cherished - ooh what a metaphor for life!

I have tested my confettilopes by sending some out to buddies around the country, and they've all arrived in one piece, so you can just stick on a stamp & drop it in a post box, or of course you could pop it in an envelope, make it part of a rainbowtastic care package... the possibilities are endless!

So what are you waiting for? Get sending some happy - Viva la snail mail revolution! 🐌💌🐌