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Critter Postcards & Stickers - Crush Comparison!

£3.00 / Sold Out

Colourful, pastel, postcards & stickers designed especially to remind you that comparison isn't just the thief of joy, it's a massive waste of time & to be avoided at all costs!

Use the dropdown menu to choose stickers or postcards, or treat yourself to a bundle including both at a reduced price!

Postcard Packs: Include three cards total, one of each design.
These are A6 cards, professionally printed on gorgeous quality 350gsm uncoated card with a lovely tactile matt finish.
Postcards come packaged in a colourful paper bag.

Sticker Packs: Include 18 stickers in total, 6 each of all 3 designs. They are 35mm round and professionally printed onto top quality self adhesive stickers.
(Please note, stickers are cut down by hand from larger sheets, so the backing sheet may not be perfectly square, this doesn't effect the stickers in any way!)
Stickers come packaged in a glassine envelope.

The designs included are:
Claude (blue jumper, pink background) says: Don't compare your access all areas, behind the scenes footage to someone else's highlight reel.

Clyde (yellow jumper, blue background) says: Instead of worrying about how green someone else's grass is, get busy planting a WHOLE RAINBOW of flowers in your own garden!

& Celia (pink jumper, yellow background) says: Someone else's success is NOT your failure! You are on your own path to good stuff. Keep going.

These little critters are all based on original illustrations and hand lettering by Leslieanne, you can follow their adventures on Instagram with the hashtag #leslieanneslittlecritters

These three are also available in button badge form right here!